Please, it is necessary to order for an examination. I DO NOT HAVE TO DECIDE FOR THE METHOD.

How does it work?

X-ray examination is a simple, painless and non-invasive diagnostic modality for the examination of the skeleton, chest and abdomen with use of ionizing radiation. It is carried out mostly in the absence of the owner in order to health protection. Veterinary staff as well as the parts of the body of your pet that we do not need to see on X-ray, are protected with protective equipment.

Preparation for examination

Chest and abdominal X-rays are usually made without sedation. In case of orthopedic problems and some contrast studies, sedation is often necessary. For painful and stressed patients, sedation is recommended due to patient well-being. The medications used for sedation are very safe and adapted to your pet.

Duration of the examination

It takes usually 20-30 minutes for a simple examination without sedation (book for visit minimally one hour). We will inform you about the duration of the study in case of sedation or a series of pictures.

Medication, feeding, water

Do not change the treatment until the examination is completed. Before the test, 12-16 hours fasting is needed.


  • chest: heart problems, coughing, other breathing problems
  • abdomen: vomiting, regurgitation, abdominal pain, weight loss
  • orthopedics: lameness of different aetiology
  • detection of tumor diseases
  • screening (eg: hip dysplasia, dysplasia of the elbow joint)

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