Computed tomography - CT

Please, it is necessary to order for an examination. I DO NOT HAVE TO DECIDE FOR THE METHOD.

How does it work?

Computed tomography is considered to be one of the most valuable imaging modalities for oncologic and orthopedic patients in veterinary medicine. It is very useful for detect acute trauma of the head, spine and pelvis. Angiography allows thorough examination of the thoracic and abdominal cavity.
How does it work? CT works on a similar principle as X-ray examination. The main difference is the type of imaging. There is no superposition (overlapping) of organs and other structures. As Dr. Sutherland-Smith says, think of a loaf of bread. An x-ray can show you the loaf from the top, sides, or bottom. But a CT scan gives you cross-sectional imaging so that you can look at each slice of the loaf — even “pick it up and then put it back,” he says.

Examination proceedings

The patient in under general, usually inhalation anesthesia with continual monitoring during whole examination. MRI examination is carried out without the owner's presence. Medicines used for anesthesia are very safe and adapted to your pet. We recommend pre-anesthetic testing prior to placing your pet under anesthesia, which includes complete blood count, biochemistry blood tests and EKG. These tests and a focused preanesthesia physical examination helps us to choose the right anesthetic protocol for your pet.

Duration of the examination

For your initial visit book 30 minutes, you can collect your pet after 3-4 hours when it is fully recovered from general anesthesia.

Medication, feeding, water

Do not change the treatment until the examination is completed. Please inform us at the time of the appointment reservation if your pet is taking any medication. Fasting is necessary prior to the examination – ideally do not feed your pet for at least 12 hours and also don’t give the water at least 2 hours before the examination.

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